Conference Themes

Not restricting fully to the items listed, this international conference is planned to accommodate the following sub themes.

±  Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Seismic Design of Geotechnical Structures:

Seismic design of geotechnical structures, Liquefaction, Ground improvement techniques, Microtremor monitoring and damage prediction, Physical and numerical models, Case studies and field survey reports, and GIS technique and hazard/risk mapping

±  Geotechnical Engineering for Sustainable Transportation System

Road and bridge construction in challenging terrains, Landslide and slope stability for road safety, Sustainable transportation solutions in hilly and mountainous region

±  Sustainable Foundation Design and Construction

Innovative foundation design for sustainable infrastructure, Ground improvement techniques for challenging soil conditions, foundation engineering for earthquake resilient structures

±  Geohazards and Climate Change and environmental Geotechnics

Assessing the impact of climate change on geohazards, DRR, Sustainable waste disposal and landfill design

±  Geotechnology in high altitude

Geotechnical challenges in permafrost regions, and its mitigation, GLOF risk management and prevention, Sustainable infrastructure development in high-altitude, glaciated areas

±  AI in Geotechnical Engineering

Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Geotechnical Engineering

±  Tunnel Engineering and Underground Construction

Geotechnical challenges in tunnel design and excavation, Tunnel in urban transport, tunnel construction methods and geological conditions

±  Ground Improvement

Soil stabilization and ground reinforcement method, Ground improvement for foundation and slope stability, Application of geosynthetics and soil modification